5 Marriage proposal speech styles

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We cover 5 proposal speech style examples to help you pull together what you’d like to say when you ask that all-important question.
Proposal speech styles, use of a poem

Any marriage proposal speech needs some of the following but the best proposals have a little of all of them. The following styles should help you get started with your first draft.

  • Sound like yourself
  • Speak from the heart, make it emotional
  • Cover some history
  • What you love about them
  • Where you see your future together
  • Pop the question

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5 proposal speech styles to help you get the words right in any marriage proposal situation.

5 proposal speech templates
- to give you some inspiration

  • The things I love about you 
  • The shared memories you have 
  • When I knew 
  • To the point 
  • No words at all

The things I love about you
- Simple yet effective

If you’re thinking of proposing I’m sure you could list lots of reasons, so start by noting down the things you love about them. Be that how they love the same hobby or get on with your friends/family to something “small” like the way they always say I love you first thing in the morning.

Armed with your list, start your proposal speech with something like… 

“ there are so many reasons why I love you, the way every morning you tell me you love me, the way you let me moan and tell me it will be ok (recite your list). These reasons continue to grow each day we are together and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me ?

Top tip: Your partner may have clicked while you go through your list as you’d have probably taken a knee midway through.  It’s best to have more than 3 reasons as by the time you’ve finished, the initial show would be over. Remember to use their name at the end, it brings them back to the question if they’ve gone into shock!

The shared memories you have

Many of us now plan a proposal day rather than just a moment, such as a holiday, taking a hike for the beautiful scenery or have something active planned. These are great in the build-up to that pinnacle moment and also create a great setting for popping the question. You want to bring that experience into your proposal speech, for example:

“This moment is amazing, I want to have many more of these with you. Will you marry me ?”

Top tip: You can bring in older memories too, 1-2 questions/statements work fine. For example, “do you remember when we were snorkelling in Barbados?” or “I was thinking about the amazing anniversary meal we had at the Shard..” and end it with “I want to have many more moments like that with you. Will you marry me ?”

When I knew

This one is a bit of a mash-up of the above two but can make a marriage proposal speech very meaningful.

Best to start with a list again as some may be easier for you to use than others but you’re looking for something that summarises your relationship, a story of a point when things fell into place and you know they were the one.

Could be something trivial, like getting home after a bad day to find your partner had put your favourite treats in the fridge or it could be something more emotional like how they helped you after an illness or a death in the family.

You could start with “ do you remember the followed by the story, well I learned something else from that too, it’s when I knew how much I loved you and wanted to spend the rest of my life with you by my side. Will you marry me ?

Top tip: It doesn’t have to be a shared moment, particularly if it was a trivial thing that made it click into place as they may not remember it. It’s about letting your partner know when you knew they were the one and you can’t see your life without them in it.

To the point

An increasingly popular choice nowadays for both men and women and probably the best option for those that think they will be extra nervous during the proposal speech. It’s also a strong contender if you feel your partner is going to be super excited or shocked and not really remember your proposal speech at all.

The idea is to keep it short and sweet but with a touch of romance and meaning, there are a few great one-liners…

“I love you so much, will you marry me?”

“You make me so happy, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me ?”

“I can only see a future with you will you marry me?

Top tip: Say them out loud to yourself, to make sure you find the one that sounds “like you”. Full name them, yes normally reserved for parents when your doing something wrong but there is something romantic about reciting their full name at that moment.

Don’t talk at all

This isn’t just for those who are worried about messing it up! This covers the small and grand gestures that ask the same question without you having to say it yourself. A number of examples include:

  • Using a flash mob
  • Saying it with signs – think of Andrew Lincoln’s character in Love Actually
  • Have it printed on a t-shirt
  • Hire an aircraft towing a banner – this was recently done at Glastonbury
  • Involve your pets or kids, if you have any
  • Sending them on a treasure hunt
  • Write it in a card

There are many different ways of asking without using words, find one that fits you and your partner best.

Top tip: This isn’t an easy out, it normally takes a little more planning to pull it off, but if it’s memorable and exciting it can be amazing and easily tailored to your partner. However, do ask yourself would your partner still really want to hear you say it…?

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