5 Unique Engagement Ideas

I’ll be following up with lots of ideas and hopefully some fall outside the normal marriage proposal ideas,  amend and tweak any marriage proposal idea you want your plans  to capture the perfect proposal idea but it needs to be perfect to you both not just the same as someone else’s.

Asking your soul mate

For their hand in marriage is an event that (hopefully) happens once in a lifetime. So you really need to put in the time, thought and effort to make it as romantic and memorable as possible. Your marriage proposal story is one that would be narrated to friends and acquaintances for the rest of your life, so you need to make it unique and irresistible.
In this article, we have outlined 5 unique engagement ideas that you can adopt when popping the grand question. As you go through the list and consider running with any of these, we advise that you add your personal twist to it so that it suits you and your partner’s personality.

A Trip Down Memory Lane:

Create a trail of romantic memories you have had with your partner in the form of pictures arranged in different boxes, with handwritten notes placed in each box.
While you walk along the trail from box to box with your partner opening each box and reading the notes that go with each box, you can have her favorite song playing in the background.
When you walk past the last box, you then lead her to the last stop; which should be a banner with the “will you marry me” question written on it.

On Touch down at the Airport:

This is best suited if she/he lives in a different city from you and comes visiting from time to time. When she/he lands at the airport, you can hold up a series of cardboard bearing short notes narrating the big moments you both have had together.
The last cardboard could have a write up with ‘Mrs’ in front of her name and your last name behind it, followed by the proposal question.

High Up in the Skies

In this scenario, you should arrange for a holiday or weekend get-away trip. When the plane is wheels-up and at cruise altitude, you could have the pilot or air hostess read out your proposal note over the public address system, while you go down the traditional way and present the ring to her. For this to work, you will need to have a prior arrangement with the pilot or air hostess before take-off.

Flashback Clip:

Make a short 3-minute video containing pictures and short video clips capturing nostalgic moments of you and your soul mate. The proposal question should be the last frame in the clip.

You can have this done by yourself with an app like windows movie maker for PC or Apple iMovie for Mac. You can alternatively have this outsourced to a freelancer at a small budget.
You can go ahead to present this clip as a trailer at the cinema (during a movie night out) before the main movie comes on. You can arrange this with the cinema house prior to the day.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Place your marriage proposal question on a custom-made jigsaw for an added spice of uniqueness and fun. Picture how wowed she will be on completing the jigsaw and have the question staring at her in the face.

There are millions of ideas and we hope to help you naviagte the marriage proposal crossroads to get to the ideal proposal for you as a couple:

Whichever marriage proposal idea you decide choose, make sure you add a little bit of your personality to it so that it truly becomes unique and personalized towards you and her.
Also, as you go ahead to pop the question using any of these unique engagement ideas, be sure to capture and save the moment, as it is a once in a lifetime moment that you both need to make reference to over and over again in the future to keep the passion burning.

If you will want to keep a personal moment like this truly romantic and personal (without the need to tag a photographer along or ask a stranger to take photos and videos – that might end up shaky) you can look into capturing your moment in a unique way by using an Engagement Cam.
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Good luck!

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