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In this post, we’re speaking to Rowena from Agent Engagement on how she became a lifeline for so many people struggling to find the perfect engagement ring and her top tips for the process:
The trusted and free enegagement ring advice service from Agent Engagement

Firstly, tell us about Agent Engagement

Agent Engagement is a FREE Secret British Service to help everyone SAVE MONEY, TIME and HASSLE when buying an engagement ring. Whatever your budget or style, I’m here to help you compare the best options and introduce you to the best jewellers.
Some people come ready with a picture of the type of ring they’d love to make and just need a jeweller, whereas others are totally overwhelmed by the choice available and need help every step of the way. I’m happy to help either way.
The funniest thing is that my clients hardly ever tell their partners that I’ve helped them…. as they purposefully want them to think they did it all by themselves…. Agent E at your service!

Which are the biggest factors people struggle with when buying an engagement ring?

For many people, this is the first time they’ve invested in a purchase of this kind and with any luck your partner will be wearing this ring for decades to come so there’s a lot to wrap your head around to get it right.

The main dilemmas people struggle with are:

It’s a tricky business.


What’s the best approach to comparing the engagement ring market

Many people don’t realise there’s actually 5 different ways you can make or buy an engagement or wedding ring and each have their own particular benefits…

  1. Highstreet or Luxury Retail
  2. Buying from an online jeweller and receiving in the post
  3. Commissioning an artisan jewellery designer or maker
  4. Sourcing from an antique & vintage dealer
  5. Make-Your-Own (more often for wedding rings and guided by a jeweller at a proper bench!)

When you visit a shop or jeweller, they’ll only ever tell you about their way of making a ring so it really pays to understand the different manufacturing methods so if you have a certain style in mind you can easily recognise the best route (which then saves you time on which type of jewellers to speak to first).

An amazing unique enegagement ring design by Ruth Tomlinson
Antique Diamond Sweeping Cluster Ring - Ruth Tomlinson

One of a kind antique cut diamond asymmetric cluster ring, on a gently textured band.

Bardot Scallop Tapered - Queensmith

Beautifully proportioned, classic style, sleek lines and enduring elegance.

Your biggest frustration with the industry and people’s common mistake?

My bugbear is people not realising that buying from a big jewellery chain or corporate brand means thousands of other people around the world will have exactly the same style of ring. BORING!
We have incredible and independent designer-maker talent here in the UK, so wherever possible I encourage my clients to at least consider working with a trusted creator to produce a unique and special piece for them. It’s a much nicer process really.

TOP TIP:   When it comes to choosing a diamond or precious stone, avoid ‘Magic Carat Weights’ which are rounded numbers like 1 ct, 2ct, 0.5 ct. By buying a slightly odd number weight e.g. 0.97ct or 0.48ct instead, you save up to 30% and it’s impossible to tell the difference, especially when set in a ring. (1 carat is 0.2g)

When it comes to proposals, what’s trending right now?

Pre-March 2020 and coronavirus sending us all into lockdown, the biggest trend was WOW FACTOR – Big ‘MarryMe’ lights with a stunning view and surprise elements. The 35th floor of Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard in London is popular or a terrace overlooking the Eiffel Tower. I refer my clients to The Proposers who create INCREDIBLE proposals or romantic events all around the world when they want to do something which needs co-ordination!
And while we’re social distancing (!) outdoor or garden proposals are going to be great! We can help you with those too.

Romantic proposal location, where better to get engaged.

How can people get in touch?

My help is completely FREE to anyone, always! I’ll work closely with you to draft an engagement ring brief, introduce you to the best jewellers or makers for the job, and at the end of a happy sale the end jeweller pays me a small flat-rate % commission as a thank you for introducing them to you. It’s win-win for all involved as I save my clients a huge amount of faff, and to the jeweller I’m bringing them a ready made client without marketing costs…. so everyone’s happy. Your secret is safe with me!

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He knew the type of ring his partner wanted and the setting for the proposal, but he didn’t know how he was going to capture the moment for them both. Our Founder was after something personal that could be used independently without any fuss – This is where the Engagement Cam idea came from and our vision has grown from there.

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