Best Engagement Ring Boxes of 2019!

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Which ring box should you have?

Fellas, you have taken a really big step in your relationship, and you are probably nervous about the entire ordeal.

Sure, you love your lady. That’s a given. And you’ve diligently saved and planned to buy a ring that’s worthy of this special woman.

But now comes the hardest part. Having to actually ask the question. How will she react? Will she like the ring? Will she say yes?

Take a breath. Everything will go fine. Even if you trip over your words a bit, we know your lady will be impressed. That being said, we want to make sure you present this lovely gift and symbol of your love in a way that is impressive, classy, and unforgettable.

The solution? An engagement ring box that knocks all the other ones out of the park.

Can’t I Just Use the Jeweller’s Box?

Unless the jeweler gave you some amazing box that does really cool stuff, like record the engagement, then no. We don’t advise it.

Besides, women notice those little details! Women love when you take the extra steps to make something really special. If it was us guys, we would not even notice the difference, but I’m telling you…ladies will DEFINITELY brag to their friends about the great stuff their men do. So, if you want to be the fiancé of the century, pay attention!

Those jewelry boxes are probably purchased in cartons of 100 for a few dollars. They are normaly made from cardboard and have fake velvet to look fancy, but in reality, it’s not all that great. You’ve spent this much on a ring, don’t cheap out now and put it in one of those dime a dozen boxes!

Yikes...Help Me Out?

Nothing to worry about-we will take you through the best engagement ring boxes you ever saw.

The way we will choose the best engagement ring box will be of course to look at all the available options, talk about them, and then from there decide which one is the best of the best.

So, let’s get going on this!

Trying to work out how much you should spend...

The Boxes we looked at

RokShok: Your Proposal, Your Way

We read an article on TheKnot, a wedding blog, that mentioned that nearly half of all couples are hiring a photographer or videographer to capture the special moment they decide to spend the rest of their life together.

And let’s face it, we live in a social-media-centric world. Everybody is posting, tweeting, or livestreaming on what matters to them. This is not a bad thing at all-after all, who else is going to share the good news with that one cousin of yours who is ALWAYS seemingly on holiday while the rest of us are stuck in the office?!

Somebody had to come up with a way to capture the moment in a genuine and true fashion. After all, if you’re going to a special nature spot but there’s a guy or girl with a camera and tripod following behind, its kind of ruins the element of surprise.

So, we took a chance and decided to pick up the RokShok phone case.

This thing is a Smartphone case that doubles as a ring box, and you can use it to record and share your special moment.

How Does It Work?

It works like this: Upon its opening, the mechanism extends the ring you picked out oh so perfectly in front of the phone’s camera. You just hit “record”, and the phone will capture you speaking the romantic words to your lady, and her genuine, happy reaction, while the ring stays perfectly centered right there in the lower portion of the frame.

You could even livestream the event if you really wanted to!

Our Review

We decided to get one of these and have a look to see what all the fuss was about.

It is only .6 in thick, or 15 mm. Ergo, it is easier to put into your pocket than a standard ring box which tend to be really bulky and give you that pocket bulge. Remember what I said when I mentioned that ladies always notice the details? Believe me, they will notice anything other than a wallet or cell phone in your pocket. And don’t try to wear a long shirt to cover the pockets of your jeans. You will just end up looking silly and unkempt during this special moment.

RokShok does indeed look like a standard battery case. It will hold rings with center stones up to 2.5 carats in size.

Advantage here is that you will have your proposal shots and your stills perfectly captured. Couples will enjoy sharing this video with their friends and family in an instant. This device was designed based upon the finding that younger people, specifically millennials, are more likely to announce their good news via social media, and that over half of couples posted a picture right after they got engaged, a big percentage of them shared their news over social medial and 57% of women posted a picture of their engagement ring on Facebook.

The benefits behind this are numerous. You will have the video forever and ever to look back on and laugh about down the road. You can share it with your kids and grandkids as the generations go on. You can send it anywhere-even the FailArmy in case something goes REALLY wrong. (Okay, we are just kidding.)

So, the next step was for us to actually do a review of one.


When we got to take a look at it, we were largely impressed. But there were some drawbacks- It just seemed way too utilitarian for a moment as special and precious an an engagement. I kind of liked it for what it was, but I want my girl to feel special when I ask her. I am sure you do, too.

Having the precious and pricey ring that you bought just sort of sitting there can make a guy feel nervous, especially if you’re in a public area. You never know who might be trying to ruin your day to make a quick buck by stealing your phone.

And I don’t want my future wife to tell everybody about the “cell phone case” the ring was hiding in. It just seems way too stark and impersonal, in my opinion.

Does it work? Absolutely.

Will it hold everything in place? We think so, we put a costume ring in and tried it out, worked fine.

But is it personal and pretty, like the lady you are going to marry? No. But it is a pretty nice product and will capture the moment well.

Our bottom line:

We were impressed with the way it worked, did a great job. However, it was kind of utilitarian and impersonal. We also found we tended to look at the whole thing though the phone screen and didn’t really make eye contact with the other person

Personalised & Fun Etsy Boxes

Now, perhaps you’re not so concerned about capturing the moment in real time. Maybe you just want a special moment with no screens. Maybe you’re a photography kind of dude and you’ve set up a tripod. Or, you’ve hired your best mate to stand there with a camera out of sight and get the special moment on film.

No matter how you’ve planned it, you’re going to need a ring box that speaks to the nature of your woman. We scoured Etsy for the best ones that we think she will LOVE (and will make you the guy she brags about for the next eternity!)

The Crushed Crystal Shop

Do you have a woman who loves to be outdoors and in nature? Do you have a lady who you consider to be your “diamond in the rough”? Do you have a geologist for a future fiancé? Or perhaps a lady who just loves the mysterious and the joy of crystals that come from the earth?

Even if your woman doesn’t fit any of the above descriptions, we KNOW that your lady will love these crystal boxes. Keep in mind none of these have recording capabilities, but man, they are showstoppers.

Geode engagement ring box

Cobalt Blue Geode Agate Box

This handmade item is of a lovely deep blue and purple color. We just loved how it shimmered and shone in the photographs. These geodes are handmade, and they are done so with the utmost of care.

We could not help but notice the product was, as of this writing, backordered. This has to be due to its popularity and beauty. After all, the reviews are off the charts. Everyone who has purchased one of these gorgeous boxes has swooned over how much they love it. Some are even using it as the ring-bearer box at their wedding. It would definitely be easy for a little hand to hold as your little nephew or cousin makes his way down the aisle.

Now keep in mind this is only the cobalt blue one. If your woman loves this color, get it; you won’t be disappointed.

Mermaid Green Geode Ring Box

Mermaids are super popular nowadays. Girls and women of all ages tell everybody they are mermaids. Heck, my lady has a shirt she wears that says, “she’s really a mermaid”.

If your woman loves the water, the beach, fantasy life, or has watched The Little Mermaid over 100 times, then this might just be the ring box for her.

It is of course handmade and features brass fittings in silver and gold. It is about 2.5 inches to 3 inches approximately, which is again good and easy for hands to hold. It will vary as each of these geodes are different in size.

These big enough to hold two rings, so it would really go well at your wedding-both rings can fit right in there with no worries.

Engagement Cam

Here comes another great way to record that special moment! We really loved this particular idea because it combined the personal with the practical.

This neat little black box has a camera built right in and it will capture your fiancé’s reaction with no trouble at all. Plus, the guys over at Engagement Cam do all the editing work for you, so you don’t have to upload raw and potentially embarrassing footage. Plus, if something funny or strange happens, you don’t have to show it to the whole world. (My friend’s girl wheezed like she was sick, she was crying so many happy tears. She was fine, but people around her stopped to ask if she was okay).

This one is super because you don’t have to come with a photographer or ask a friend to stand there with the camera. It does all the work for you.

It’s very easy, too:

You reserve the camera ring box for a two-week period. It costs £99 and that includes the 2-way postage and professional editing.
You can practice with a friend or use a mirror to get a feel for it while you practice your words and judge how to angle the camera just how you want it.
All you have to do is press the red button and the recording happens. No need to worry about the phone recording or not! Just check the light on the back is blinking and your set to go.
Download the movie and share it if you like or the Engagement Cam employees will also create a professional video for you to enjoy in the years to come.
Really like this feature as it trims out all the unwanted bit’s, no need to see the inside of your pocket or the ground as you walk with it in your hand.
It is a nice discreet black box that will fit well into a pocket with no bulge at all. Might not be a great idea to wear your skinny jeans, though.
We had a great time practicing and messing around to get the angle just right. It will take you a little trial and error to get your angle just right, but it’s totally worth it. And the box looks lovely and classic, too.

This one is a winner all around, it combines the lovely with the need to record, and out comes a memory you will both treasure for years!


These three ring boxes are what you need to make your engagement an impactful and special one. Don’t just go with the cheap one the jeweller gives you-that will never do! Go that extra step and get ready for the smiles that are as big as the sky.

Good Luck!

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