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What Memories do you want them to remember...?

The best bit was when I showed her the video for the first time

Managed to surprise our friends so well, they were expecting a holiday video!

From guy's that have been there:

  • My partner was so surprised, she couldn’t remember my speech due to the shock!
  • Having a recording of the proposal has meant we’ve been able to relive the moment over and over again. (When she wanted to)
  • Using Engagement Cam made planning my proposal extra special, something totally different.
Do you want them to remember the time you wasted setting up your camera?

Managed to supprise our friends so well, they were expecting a holiday video

Not the shakey video taken by a friend or stranger
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Unsure when you’re going to propose, reserve for just £10 and secure the added benefit of a discount of: 10%, 15% or 20%.

You can then simply pick a delivery date once your plans are in place.

Choose the perfect Option

Choose the one that is the best fit for you from the three below. Alternatively, if you’re still planning and not ready to order just yet, choose our reserved option for an additional discount.


Basic Package

Reserved price 10%

  • Postage £5.99, free returns
  • 1 weeks Rental
  • Copy your video via the USB
  • Tag us in your video to enter our competition


All in Package

Reserved price 15% off

  • Free postage, both ways
  • 2 Weeks Rental
  • Free Pro-editing
  • Tag us in your video to enter our competition


For keeps

Reserved price 20% off

  • Free Postage
  • Free Pro-editing
  • Keep as a memento
  • Tag us in your video to enter our competition

The small print

A charge will be held against your card until the Engagement Cam Box is returned (an additional £200). Please read: Terms & Conditions | Rental agreement

Currently only available within the UK


Reserved Package

1-12 months ahead

  • Change the date to fit your plans
  • Discount of: 10%, 15% or 20%
  • Ensures availability when you need it
  • Access to all our proposal tips & ideas
  • Decide which package you want nearer the time

Secure the additional discount and access to our tips and hints to help you with your plans.

You will be emailed for the remaining amount.
For example “For Keeps” package:

 £299 – £10 – 20% “reserved” = £231.20

Still planning your marriage proposal?

Get access to our ULTIMATE PROPOSAL PLAN and more...
We won't bombard you with emails, our aim is to help you pull-off the best plan with the least stress.
Don't miss our tips, ideas and discounts for your proposal plans.

A Ring box with a twist

Of course you can propose with just the ring, but why not propose the traditional way getting down on one knee and opening the box to an amazing ring?

Capture the moment

With the shock and flood of emotions, your partner may not remember the details. They will be able to relive the moment again and again with an Engagement Cam.

Focus on the task at hand

One push of a button is all that's needed leaving you free to focus on this momentous occasion in both your lives.

You can't rewind time

You can't recapture the look on your partners face when you propose if you want to share the moment with others.

Frequently asked questions

Not a problem, you will be asked for a guide when you order but then you’re free to email us with an update as the time gets nearer.

You will be sent an email with the 3 package options and simply select the one you want.

We don’t count the postage time witin your rental, so give yourself a few days to practice.

Posty normally delivers next day but we always suggest give yourself two days.

Not a problem, picking the ring can take some time. Simply reserve your Engagement Cam with us and we can help you along the way.

We have the full story on our blogs page. But the short version, our founder Guy wanted to propose and record the moment but was worried his partner would click what was going on. He wanted to find something that was simple and easy but seemed natural to use at the time too…

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