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How to buy the perfect Engagement Ring...
explained in the simplest way we could

We aim to keep this post direct and to the point, the ring is a big part of any marriage proposal.

It’s the first thing we normally worry about and the main thing we stress over getting right. 

We will do our best to keep it simple and understandable but do have other posts to help pull your plans together below.


Most common question we are asked: which engagement ring should I buy?

How do I pick the diamond? Where should I buy it from?

Whether you have £500 or £50,000 to spend on an engagement ring, everyone starts at the same point.
I want to be clear I’m not a trained Jeweller just someone who wishes to pass on advice that the team & I have picked up along the way when choosing our partners engagement rings and now with the launch of Engagement Cam i’ve learned so much more.

Which Engagement ring should i buy?

This would be easy if we were buying for ourselves as we know what we do and don’t like but now it all depends on your partners taste and what they would like for an engagement ring: traditional, modern, unique, vintage, lots of sparkle, a big rock or coloured diamonds or stones. The best way to find out what your partner would like in a ring is to do some research.

Is your partner dropping hints or suddenly slowing down every time you past a jeweller’s in town? – Start taking note of which ones they look at.
Depending upon your relationship you may talk about it openly which makes life so much easier…  If they know what they like that is. Another easy option is making a comment on someone’s engagement ring when you next see one on social media and notice their comments. I used this tactic to great effect.
Failing that go with your gut!

How much should your ring budget be?

Unless you’re a multi-millionaire, you’re going to have to give yourself a budget. It is easy to upsell yourself so keep to the budget in mind, I even upsold myself several times when picking my partners ring!

The average in the UK is around £1500-£5000.

Once upon a time you would have been told 3 months salary however nowadays i feel you need to look at the options that fit for you.

  • Use a token ring
  • Take a loan or HP
  • Buy a cheaper ring
  • Save longer and wait a few months
  • Focus on the ring not the extras for the proposal
  • Design one within budget(cheaper than you'd think)

These are few of the common ones all i’d say with budget is waiting another month or two shouldn’t hurt but that extra bit of budget goes a long way! – After all they will be wearing the ring for the rest of their lives unless you upgrade down the line.

The Diamond Engagement Ring

This is a little technical but we've kept it as simple as we could.

Style & settings:

This will determine what kind of diamond you have to be looking for so armed with the research you have on what they like have a look through the web, visit some stores online or visit some high street Jewellers.

Are they more of a traditionalist? If so, maybe a Solitaire. Maybe they are drawn towards a vintage style or they would want a ring that makes a statement. 

Once you know the style your be able to pick from a range of collections in every jewellers we don’t want to list them all here but some of the main ones are:

  • Solitaire
  • Vintage
  • Halo
  • Cluster
  • Twist
  • Bezel

The 4 C’s – Cut, Carat, Colour and Clarity

This is an overview of each of the areas, which determine the diamond. I would also suggest googling each C to help you understand some of the jargon that you may hear/read when you are looking to buy your engagement ring.


Is all about the style/shape of the stone. I’d also say this is the one to invest more time into as a better cut will show the diamonds brilliance the most. (Brilliance meaning the sparkle). Round brilliance cut sparkles more.


Covers the measurement of weight.
A huge stone in some cut’s just looks odd so be careful you can’t just go with a wish list, you need to fit all the aspects together. It’s about tailoring your options to what you feel would be a best fit. One big single stone, a Halo ring with lots of little stones bringing up the bigger one.


Covers the measurement of weight.
A huge stone in some cut’s just looks odd so be careful you can’t just go with a wish list, you need to fit all the aspects together. It’s about tailoring your options to what you feel would be a best fit. One big single stone, a Halo ring with lots of little stones bringing up the bigger one.


Kind of Explains itself but if your looking for a white diamond they go from D-Z, with D being the clearest down to Z that looks almost yellow. For best value and to the naked eye look for G-J but if you’re going over 1 carat G-H would be best. In the trade off, a lower colour but better Cut will have more sparkle, ring metal can impact too if you go for gold for instance.

For the perfectionist

Or someone who values quality miles over quantity you want to be looking at VVS2 or better.
To the naked eye SI1 is a great starting point there is likely some “marks” within the diamond but to you’re not likely to notice them nor will they affect the sparkle much.
The larger the stone the more impact these marks would have so I’d suggest moving up a level from the SI to VS, more so if you are looking at stone like the square or rectangular shapes

The Jeweller

You are going to be spending a lot of money on this ring, so you don’t want to leave it to chance by randomly picking a high street jeweller or online shop. Take some time to go into different jewellers, talk to them, talk to friends who have bought an engagement ring (and are good at keeping secrets!), look online to read reviews and find out their reputation.
There is also the option of having one custom made. Although there is a myth that a custom made ring is more expensive than one bought from a high street jeweller, this isn’t necessarily the case. A number of high street jewellers offer design services and there are even people that become “your advisor” who help bring your design to life. They also have great contacts and access to multiple designers to bring you the best deal.

Certificates AKA the paperwork.

’m not talking about the receipt (although you do want to keep this one…). I’m talking about the certificate that is a little like the diamond’s passport. Most insurance companies will ask for a copy depending on the cost of the ring. There are a few institutes around the world but the most common I know of is the GIA: There are diamonds that can be bought without one of these “passports” but you have no guarantees on what you buy so do a little more homework or get a second opinion. Best of luck in finding the ring!

The team and I

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