6 Awsome Canadian Proposal Locations

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Thinking of proposing while on a trip to Canada? We’ve got all the angle’s covered, pun intended. From an amazing range of scenic locations to beautiful city spots, there is somewhere for every couple to find their perfect proposal location.
Amazing proposal locations in canada

If you’re slightly worried about carrying the ring with you all that way, why not look at a local Jewellers… Someone like Design by Sevan, a Toronto based jeweller who is focused on truly unique and custom engagement rings. Of course, you would need to contact them before you travel so the ring can be made in time.

Although any proposal is a magical moment in itself, the location can make a huge difference to the memory you create and remember.

First up of six, is one for the outdoorsy couple

Marriage proposal idea of Lake louise in Banff national park

Banff or Lake Louise in the national park for some of the most romantic and iconic backdrops you can think of, creating the perfect picture to recall the moment of your marriage proposal.

Perfect for a tranquil and intimate proposal moment.

Next up, Niagara-on-the-Lake

This is the Canadian side to Niagra falls, which has a huge sense of power and beauty. Propose on one of the boat tours for a captive audience of onlookers or wait and head to the riverside and find a more intimate spot to take a knee.

Stunning backdrop with a public or intimate option for your proposal.

Marriage proposal idea, Canadian side of Niagrare Falls

Get into some hot water, in a good way!

Marriage proposal location in British Columbia's natural hot springs

In British Columbia, there is a not so secret secret but it’s still quiet, very unique and well worth the effort: You can travel to Hot Spring Cove via a short plane ride or a boat trip. The Cove offers a hot natural spring tucked away within a forest of massive trees.

Something really unique and creates an amazing proposal story.

Québec, just like a postcard

A beautiful city with buildings that make you feel you’re in a Disney movie to whimsical cobbled streets. This city has lots of spots to propose whether you plan to have a big audience or a quiet evening stroll with amazing views.

Lots of proposal locations to pick from with an element of romance in the air and the city looks like it belongs on a postcard.

Marriage proposal ideas for Québec

Prince Edward Island, ideal if you’re wanting a couple of slow days to unwind.

Marriage proposal idea location, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Stunning meadows, painted cottages and beaches, perfect for a few days away from the hustle and bustle of life to build the intimacy before you get down on one knee and propose.

From clifftops and walking trails to secluded beaches, it creates the ideal proposal location if you’re looking to slow life down to really enjoy the moment.

Waskesiu Lake, another perfect location to relax

Swimming, walks, sunbathing and more! Waskesiu Lake has got plenty of areas for a picnic or just a nice romantic stop to pop the question.

Time it right and you can get the red and auburn leaves that will cover the forest creating a calm and romantic feel.

Marriage proposal idea, Waskesiu Lake in Canada

There are tonnes of tips out there to help bring your marraige proposal plan to life...

Below are some top tips from Design by Sevan and our top tip is don’t forget to capture the moment! 

You’ll never be able to recreate it or remember it in the same way years down the line, a photo or video will allow you to capture the moment and relive the memory.

Marriage proposal top tips

Good Luck with your planning and visit our other posts if you want a little more help!

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