Clare & Claire’s Engagement Story

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Read Clare and Claire's engagement story during a trip to Cadair Idris.
Clare & Claire Newly Engaged

Over to you Claire!

Firstly, it’s so lush to reminisce about our engagement. So much has happened since then; marriage, a house, coronavirus! It was such a special day. It started as a regular Saturday morning in Clare’s family cottage in Wales. We made breakfast and I’m sure I drank more coffee than recommended. Clare’s Mom (Gilly) had joined us for the weekend and whilst getting ready for the day (we were climbing Cader Idris – a real favourite hike of ours!) I’d noticed they were behaving very strangely. Whispering, fidgeting about and generally being odd. To be honest, I put it down to normal behaviour and moved on with my day. Little did I know what lay ahead of me – seemingly, they did!

When departing the cottage, I’ve come to learn that Gilly shouted (sorry, whispered) “GOOD LUCK” to Clare. I’m blissfully unaware of life and thankfully for Clare – April 29th – was no exception. Rather than hearing Gilly, I was looking at a lamb across the field and noticed nothing peculiar about Gilly’s farewell!

Whilst ascending Cader Idris (a hike we’d done a lot of times – the mountain is special to us – not Brokeback Mountain special, just special) Clare was again behaving out of character. I wanted snacks from her backpack (of course!) and she was a little short with me. Little did I know, the compartment I was about to rummage through housed the ring! Again, I was none the wiser – Clare handed me my cheese bites and we kept walking.

When we arrived at the top, it was freezing and normally when braced with cold weather, Clare immediately seeks shelter and warmth. Not today, Clare randomly suggests we hide in a little secluded nook. STILL, I had no clue. I sit down and immediately demand more cheese bites. It’s only when I’m finished and try to put my gloves on that Clare calmly asks me to not. She then proposed in the most beautiful way – just me and her, at the top of a place very special to us both. If only there had been a way to subtly record it all…

Claire's gorgeous Woolton and Hewitt Engagement Ring

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