8 Engagement ring boxes for 2019

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You’ve splashed out on a lavish ring so why would you want to present it in a cheap, cardboard box from the jewellers that probably cost a couple of pennies at most?
Engagement ring box ideas

We all know that women (and even some men) notice the little details and extra effort that someones’ put into a gift and that this additional thought can sometimes mean more to them than the presents themselves. If you’re currently reading this, it’s likely that you already have your engagement ring sorted you’re now just looking for those few extra touches.

Choosing a customisable, unique ring box will definitely not go unnoticed and will have her bragging to her friends about what an amazing fiance you are. It also shows off how much you care and the extra steps you’re willing to take to make her feel special and important. 

With that said here are our selection of fun and creative engagement ring boxes.

For all you Harry Potter Fans...

Present your loved one with a ring inside this timeless classic and watch her face light up as she finds the ring of her dreams in her favourite Harry Potter book.

The front and back pages of the book are left free, but a small section fronted by the chapter “The Unbreakable Vow” has been carefully carved and glued to create a heart shaped gap for you to safely store your engagement ring. There’s also a ribbon to attach the ring to to ensure it doesn’t escape! Depending on how you rate your art skills and if you fancy a little DIY project, you could technically make this one yourself. Just make sure you practice on a book that you don’t mind cutting up first!

For the proposal, you could put the book on your bookshelf and ask her to get it down for you and read from a certain page, or you could give the book to her as a gift and have her open it to find the engagement ring and you behind her kneeling on one knee.

TIP: if Harry Potter books aren’t really your jam but you still love the idea of proposing via a book, you can always request for another book of your choice to be used. Just visit Etsy.

A great engagement ring box idea for any Harry Potter fan

If you want an all-natural keepsake…

Customise your engagement with this simple, chic and elegant glass ring box. Dependent on your partners personality and taste, you could tailor-make this engagement keepsake using her favourite flower, sand or rose petals to make the ultimate gesture. Imagine gifting this box while having an intimate picnic in the countryside or even in the comfort of your own home.

TIP: wrap a ribbon around the box once you’ve decorated and placed the ring inside to create a gorgeous present look.

Glass and golden frame engagement ring box, providing a natural look and element to any proposal story.

If you want to record your proposal...

So you’ve put in all this extra effort into your proposal, why not record it so that you can look back at your proposal in the future and relive the memories with your partner, family and friends? More than half of individuals planning an engagement proposal have reported hiring a photographer or videographer to capture the special moment. Wouldn’t it be so much easier, cheaper and more intimate if you could do this yourself with the same high quality video produced?

We introduce you to EngagementCam – a neat black engagement ring box with a hidden camera that can record your fiancé’s reaction with the click of a button, fuss-free. There’s no need to rely on a stranger to record your proposal, you can do it all yourself and document your partners live reaction.

Once recorded, you simply send your footage back to the EngagementCam team and they edit the video for you free of charge. This way the raw and potentially embarrassing footage doesn’t need to be shown to the whole world, instead you’ll receive a perfectly put together, romantic video of your proposal which you can either share with your friends and family or keep to yourself to remember the moment.

The great thing about the EngagementCam is the camera is completely discreet and not noticeable so you still have the traditional black engagement ring box but with a modern twist. This also means that you’re more likely to get an authentic, real reaction to your proposal, not one that’s altered by the presence of a noticeable camera.

Unique Engagement Ring box with an in-built camera to record your proposal in a simple and fuss-free way.

If you want to make it extra personal…

Customising the engagement box with your and your partner’s name along with the date that you proposed really shows off how much effort you’ve put into this proposal, which she’ll love. The personalised ring box is made from natural wood and is hand-made to order to make the perfect keepsake for your future fiance. This is the sort of box that can be placed in your home after the proposal, to remind you both of the special day. Alternatively, your partner could even use it as a safeplace to keep her ring while she sleeps or for other jewellrey.

An engagement ring box with a personalised message crafted onto the box

For the beach-lovers…

Treat your partner like an absolute goddess with this hand-crafted glass seashell-shaped ring box. According to the legend, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, was born from seafoam and married to Poseidon, the God of the Sea, who gave her a big seashell as a gift representing their love for each other. If greek mythology is something that takes your interest, or you are planning a beach proposal, then this ring box is the one for you!

This glass seashell-shaped ring box is perfect for a beach-themed proposal or wedding. Imagine laying on a beach while on holiday with your loved one and proposing using this stunning seashell ring box – the perfect accessory for a surprise beach proposal!
This seashell engagement box can be used as a quality keepsake after the wedding, a safe-place for your fiance to keep her ring when she’s not wearing it or as a ring bearer box to use in your wedding ceremony.

An Engagement ring box style as a shell for anyone who loves the beach or water.

For a treasured memory…

Represent your love with this heart shaped wooden engagement ring box and your partner can have a special keepsake of your engagement day with you forever. Made from natural, dark oak, this box is a fantastic alternative to the 6p cardboard boxes you’ll receive from the jewellers and is a great symbolisation of your love and commitment to one another. After the proposal, your fiance can keep this high-quality heart-shaped box by her bedside table to keep her jewellery in or as a reminder of your proposal. It could also be doubled as a ring-bearer box to hold the wedding rings for the big day!

A hand crafted wooden engagement ring box shaped as a heart
What a way to express your love at your marriage proposal than with this heart-shaped engagement ring box

For that extra sparkle...

This handmade item is of a lovely deep blue and purple colour made of shimmering cobalt blue crystals, making an absolutely stunning piece of memorabilia for your engagement. The reviews for this particular ring box are off the charts, with customers seemingly loving the quality and aesthetics of the product. You could also use this as the ring-bearer box at the wedding ceremony, or as a hand-me-down to your children in the future. It also comes in a variety of colours such as pink, purple or green to suit every taste.

Geode engagement ring box

To make that ring really pop…

Get that WOW! Factor with this high quality, modern and ultra stylish ring box that, when opened, will illuminate the ring to give it that extra sparkle. The box itself is made from a beautiful sleek, moulded construction with a highly polished Piano Wood Effect. The inside of the box has a matching black, soft velour padding with a secure cut slot to securely hold the ring. It contains a super bright LED which turns on to illuminate the Ring when the box is opened for a really stunning presentation of the precious gift inside.

This box would be perfect if you were planning to do your proposal in a candlelight setting or dimly lit environment or just wanted to add some extra glisten to your diamond.

A engagement ring box with an in-built LED to really make that ring pop

And that’s a wrap! Hopefully you found at least one of the engagement ring boxes listed here remotely interesting or at least gave you an idea. If so, our job is done and Good luck on the proposal, it really is going to all be fine.

Take a look at our ultimate proposal guide and what to say when you propose for some extra help if you’re still on the nervous side.

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