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Capturing the magic of your proposal has never been so easy

Filming & Editing

An Engagement Cam has been designed to be simple and intuitive to ensure you can focus in the moment. However, there are a few little steps to ensure you capture the best memory possible.

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Hints & tips

We want to do more than help you capture the unforgettable memory we want to make it easier to create the best moment you can with the least stress possible.

A Technical guide to an Engagement Cam ring box

Recording your proposal:

Hold button for 4 seconds and the Engagement Cam ring box will power up. You will see two lights then a flashing red LED to show it’s recording

Charging the Engagement Cam:

Once plugged into a socket two lights will flash on to show charging has started then come back on and remain solid once fully charged.

Practice, Practice, Practice

We all know it's the little things that make up a great memory

Engagement Cams are simple and fuss-free to use. We want to ensure you capture your marriage proposal in the best way possible as you only get one real genuine attempt.
You’ll be rehearsing what you’re going to say, we just ask that you fit in some time to do the same with your presentation of the ring box.
There are two main aspects to consider when using an Engagement Cam to ensure you capture your partner front and centre for your proposal. Most of this will be natural and you will find you won’t need to practice too much.

Not too close

Unlikely to happen as we all naturally don’t want to invade someone’s personal space but as with any proposal you don’t want to be on top of them. You want to give them a little space as they are likely to be turning to you anyhow.

Using an Engagement Cam ring box, not to close you want to be able to capture their face on the video for your marriage proposal

Not too far

When you propose you don’t want to be miles apart either. The easiest solution is to mark their height on a wall or mirror and practice capturing their face in the middle of the video. Some distance makes it easier to ensure you have the best angle.

Using an Engagement Cam ring box, don’t be too far back you want to keep them as near the centre of the lens as possible to capture the best marriage proposal moment
Using an Engagement Cam ring box, tilt the wrist to get your partners face front and centre in your marriage proposal

It's all in the wrists

Most of the movement to aim the Engagement Cam is in the wrists. When practising, it’s a good idea to take note of how far you’re tilting your hand forward when presenting the ring (we all naturally tilt it down and out). Once the footage is lined up with where their head would be, notice where your arms and hands are placed.

Using an Engagement Cam ring box, just the right distance and angle to capture your marriage proposal

Just right - They are worth it

If you are planning to propose whilst down on one knee, a common position is with your hands just below your chin line.
Using an Engagement Cam is almost as simple as point and shoot however, this is a big moment in your life, so a little extra effort will make all the difference. You’re likely to be planning the proposal around what your partner would like best, just remember they probably won’t know they’ve been filmed until after. Those little touches make your marriage proposal memory extra special.

Step by step guide to the perfect marriage proposal

A short whiteboard animation we put together to summarise the whole process in the simplest way we can.

Engagement ring box with in-built mini camera to record your proposal in a personal and intimate way

Capture the best proposal...


The Engagement Cam’s camera can pick up a picture in most lighting situations. The more light the better, although direct light as with any camera, can cause issues. 

For best effect:
  • The lighter the better
  • Practice/scout beforehand to check
Top tip: Avoid direct lighting, especially from behind your partner as with any camera it can cause shadowing.


Engagement Cam ring boxes do have a built-in microphone so will pick up your speech. However, if you would rather have background music or a pre-recorded message/speech, just upload this with your editing.

For best effect:
  • The quieter the better.
  • Like any microphone it picks up closer and louder noises so factor this in.
Top tip: Practice your proposal speech with the Engagement Cam and play it back to yourself. Great if you want to have your speech overlaid on the video by our editor.

POV - Point of view

The field of view from the Engagement Cam is 120º so you should be able to capture everything around you including some of the scenery.

For best effect:

  • Practice one or two demo videos to give yourself a clear idea.
  • Factor in ground level to keep them in the middle of the video.

Top tip:

If you’re unsure, just before you pop the question close one eye, this is about the same field of view the camera will pick up.


With our standard rental of an Engagement Cam we offer you our free video editing serivce. 

You will be emailed a link to our options page which allows you to pick some styles to tailor your marriage proposal footage. 

We can incorporate your practice recordings and will capture frames from the video to ensure you have the best moments as a picture too. Including but not limited too:

  • The realisation moment.
  • The ring going on for the first time.
  • A selfie of you both or your first kiss, great to remember your proposal location too.
  • Overlay some music or your speech

Sample videos



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