7 Reasons you should have an engagement party

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You’ve told your families, called the best friends to share your great news. Likely chances are you’ve even done the standard FB/Insta post #isaidyes #gettingmarried depending on how excited you are you may even have pulled out that scrap book or started added more to your ideas on Pinterest…
champagne celebration glasses at an engagement party

So, do you really need to go through the fuss of throwing an engagement party?

Of course! While first thoughts are it’s just an excuse to party there are traditional reasons to uphold this gathering other than just the celebration itself, here are 7 more reasons why you should.

The easiest reason, an excuse to eat and drink

Not sure this one needs to be explained, but who can really say no to a get together to eat, drink and be with friends and family.

Bringing both sides together

There are only a few moments in our lives where we have the perfect reason to bring together family and friends. Send that invite to good old Uncle Buck, you’ll want some entertainment. Bring along that friend you always talk about but your partner has never met. Maybe only pick a few friends from the Rugby Club that you’ve spoken about but she has never met.

Warm up to the main event

Yes, planning a wedding is hard work, coordinating everything, outfits, location, transport and much more however, one task will be made easier once you put your guest list together.
Plus it’s likely to be a mini version of your wedding so you will pick up tips on the little things… Like how to deal with that +1 who’s gluten free or the fourth cousin twice removed who’s allergic to everything.

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves

These less formal parties are great if you plan to have a small wedding as you can cut down your guest list and save a heap of money as they are less elaborate, don’t include the “wedding-price tag” and are typically far more informal but offer you the perfect way to include people in your celebrations. Bring them to the engagement party and have a smaller wedding.


It’s so easy nowadays to rely on social media to spread our news but there is something to be said about doing it in person. This tradition is one to be upheld so there is just more fun and good news in the world.

Gifts - pressies and more!!

Who doesn’t like gifts and while it’s not all about the pressies, oh, who are we kidding!!

Telling your story & making the rounds

Rather than going to individuals or several group visits for the next few months…What better way to show off the ring to everyone while they are all in the same room. Best of all you can now let everyone know your proposal story, print out some pictures or better yet use a TV or projector and share your magical moment with your own Engagement Cam video capturing the whole memory for you to relive with your loved ones.

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