While plugged into a power supply one LED will flash for the start of charging and then there will be two solid LEDs once its fully charged.

This is likely to be because you’ve not recorded anything. Check the light is flashing once you’ve turned it on.

Some of the newer USB(3) ports don’t recognise the connection, try a diffeerent port to connect.

Please send us an email via the Contact Us  page with your name and email you ordered with.

Any small box will do. Just secure the Engagement Cam so it doesn’t move about.

It can take up to 48 hours for the box to arrive, it also depends when you ordered.

We aim to edit as fast as possible, but in busy times it can take us up to 36hrs. Check your spam folder too.

These could be your practice videos; a new video starts each time you turn it on.

We understand a lot of people plan to propose on holidays/trips. If you’ve misjudged the need for the extra week(s) don’t worry, we can just deduct it from your deposit.

Contact us on: info@engagementcam.co.uk

Discounts are limited and can be removed at any time. Sorry if you’ve missed one, sign up to our newsletter to be informed of the next one.

These can take up to 10 days from when we get the Engagement Cam unit back.



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