How to find out her engagement ring size without her knowing..

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Looking to get an engagement ring but have no idea on the size you need? in this blog we're going to share 11 tips to find out her engagement ring size without her knowing

Looking to get an engagement ring but have no idea on the size you need? You are not alone. It’s not the end of the world if the ring you get needs to be resized but it does add something extra if it fits perfectly straight away. Below we’ve outlined 11 ideas that should help you get that measurement without ruining the surprise.

1. Go with the average

The average finger size for an engagement ring in the UK is size L, with the most common range being between M-N.
Although this isn’t a perfect method it gives you a good chance of getting a ring that fits without ruining the surprise. .

2. Go larger and resize later

If you feel your partner hands/fingers aren’t the average size or they don’t have any rings for comparison, it’s always best to go for a larger size and get it resized at a later date.
This way your partner will be able to get the ring on for pictures after the proposal.
Don’t leave it too long to get resized as you don’t want it to fall off your partner’s finger!

3. Stealth mode

Can you get out of bed without waking them up? If, yes then you can make like a ninja and measure their finger while they are asleep. All you need is a bit of thin string, which you make into a loop. Place it just below their finger knuckle, then measure how long the loop is and visit a ring size guide like this one  ring size guide to match up the size.

4. Recruit some help

If you feel comfortable letting their close friend or family member in on your secret, you could ask them to find out your partner’s ring size for you in a natural way for example, if they go on a shopping trip they could have fun by trying on some rings together. This would work well if the friend/family member had recently gotten engaged themselves.

5. Put on rings yourself

At a flea market or similar try a load of rings on that you’d never wear on all your fingers then get them to do the same. Take note of the one that fits the right finger and then you can either buy it on the sly or try it on yourself to see what finger it fits on you to get a close idea of the size.

6. Use a comparison ring

If they have a ring that you know fits the finger, sneak it away and use a bit of paper to trace the inside and this will give you a close approximation. Measure it against a ring size guide like the one linked above or take it to jewellers and they should be able to help you work it out.

7. Ring sizer

You can get a ring sizer free from some Jewellers or they are less than £2 online. This option could give the game away really easily but you can also use it with a combo of say option 11. The token ring.

8. Get creative

If you both creative or enjoy making your own art, suggest doing something that will involve your hands for example, suggest making handprints to put up on your wall at home. One clear handprint should give you something to gauge the size by. Fancy dress is another creative option that could give you an indication of your partner’s ring size for example, if they need “claws” or some kind of glove then, of course, you need to measure their fingers to ensure it fits. Get some zip ties and use them like you’d expect to use a ring sizer and then just keep one with you on your way to the jewellers.

9. Compare your hand size

This one sounds pretty easy but the trick is not to make it an awkward moment or you could give it away. The aim here is to try and line up which finger of your own matches theirs. A way of saying this subtly could be “your fingers are tiny compared to mine, your ring finger is the same size as my little finger” or something similar.

10. Just ask!

I feel only the rare few among us could get away with this as a direct question without giving the game away.

11. No trust in your ninja skills

Really unsure of their ring size or don’t want to take any risk of them picking up your plans this could be the option for you. It’s also great if you’re totally lost at what ring to pick too.

Use a token ring to propose, for example, a Haribo ring sweet or a hula hoop crisp. You could then spend a day (or however long it takes!) shopping for a ring together to ensure you pick the perfect ring that fits.

From Grooms to-be that we have spoken too if you plan to do this make sure you spend some more effort into the proposal it’s self, perfect that speech, find the best location and capture the memory in a personal and special way to them.

Finding out your partner’s ring size is one part of choosing the right ring.

I used a combination of ideas 6 and 9 to find out my partner’s ring size and the ring fitted perfectly without the need for it to be resized.

If you are looking for ways to choose the right ring, check out our blog… 

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