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Engagement rings are up there on the 'Most Treasured Possessions' list in a women's life, but marriage proposals are more than just a ring nowadays.
Using an Engagement Cam ring box, tilt the wrist to get your partners face front and centre in your marriage proposal

To create the best memory of your proposal you need to build upon the big moment that you pop the question, you need to create an experience, something that is worthy of being remembered.

We’re not talking huge grand gestures, we’re talking about something that is impactful and meaning to the two of you.

Below we outline a few ideas to help you in capturing the perfect moment so you can relive and share the amazing memory in years to come.

The Build Up - with or without an Engagement Cam

Build a full story of your proposal, a little unnatural for some to film yourself but you don’t need to show the footage to anyone but your partner if you don’t want. It creates a full experience of the effort and love you’ve put into this plan. For example, you could talk about:

  • Ring shopping
  • Finding the location
  • Picking the time to pop the question
  • Asking the parents

These are all great topics to cover how you’re feeling but also to tell the story of your journey.

With the timeline your working with it’s likely to be easier to take these on your mobile as for most of us, our plans came together over a few months. As an added bonus if you are going to use an Engagement Cam ring box for your proposal, you can send us all the footage you have taken during the build-up and we can blend them within the editing service for you.

Capturing the best marriage proposal moment with an Engagement Cam

Use the ring box to add some before footage of the location or how your feeling…

  • A little reality TV-style but your partner will love to know how you were feeling the day or moments before.
  • Don’t forget to take some selfies after
  • Do a close up of the ring, moving the camera closer and further away creates a cool clip within the video or we can take a still image from it. Let’s be honest, we already know the ring is going to get a lot of attention, so why not give it a moment in your video.
  • Panorama clip… What better way to remember the details than with a slow spin on the spot capturing the full 360 views from the spot you proposed on.
  • Have some fun and any cool little ideas you think of or create after, just capture them on video and we can integrate them into your personalised video. Could be a close up of the ring or you have an opening picture you’d like on your video, such as names/dates written in the sand.

Keep it recording

This can capture so much more of the memory than you might expect. For example:

  • The little things that you say to each other after the proposal, the genuine reaction once the shock has cleared.
  • Get a side on shot while you’re hugging
  • Capture their first words after that ‘Yes’
  • Record their reaction once you unveil you’ve recorded the proposal or as you tell them the next step of your surprise (maybe you’ve arranged to meet friends/family after, you’ve booked to go away somewhere or a posh meal out. You’ve planned something right?)
  • It doesn’t need to be shared but maybe take a minute to record something to watch on your 10th, 20th or 30th anniversary. Alone or as a couple, you can document your happiness to look back on in years to come or show the grandchildren.
  • Q&A: sounds formal but have a few questions for your partner and just keep recording… Did you expect it was coming? Who do you want to tell first?
  • Put it to the side still recording: several customers have caught magical moments by just putting the ring box down with the camera facing the right way. For example, one couple got engaged in a field and the ring box was placed on a fence post, which captured them hugging with an amazing backdrop over the valley. Another proposal took place in the couple’s bedroom in candlelight, the ring box was put on the edge of the bed where it captured the couple’s silhouettes in a beautiful and natural way; it’s still one of our favourite proposals (and videos) to watch.

These are just a few ideas that our customers have told us about and hope they will help inspire you to plan the proposal that is right for you and your partner.

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He knew the type of ring his partner wanted and the setting for the proposal, but he didn’t know how he was going to capture the moment for them both. Our Founder was after something personal that could be used independently without any fuss – This is where the Engagement Cam idea came from and our vision has grown from there.

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