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Since launching our product, we’ve managed to capture the engagements of many couples, but we want to do more. As a small business, we need a little extra push to get the word out into the world.

So, within this post we aim to give you the whole back story.

We appreciate your support in helping spread our message of love!

The Beginning:

As with most great stories, it began with a boy and a girl… I’d been with my partner for 4 years and decided it was time to take the next step and put a ring on it. I wanted to be able to capture the special moment for the both of us in as discrete a way as possible so that my partner wouldn’t suspect what was about to happen. We had booked a holiday to Thailand and I thought to myself, ‘what an amazing place to propose!’ and so started on my plan.

The Plan:

My partner had given me plenty of not so subtle hints on what type of engagement ring she would like, which make it a lot easier when it came to choosing (or in my case designing) The Ring.
I planned to propose at Erawan National Park an absolutely stunning location, which I definitely wanted to capitalise on. I started to think about how I wanted to capture our proposal; use my phone, GoPro, set up my DSLR camera, pay for a photographer, ask a stranger but each option just didn’t seem quite right and would provide a clue to my sleuth of a partner.
At a loss, I decided to do some research to see what else was out there.

This was the background to were I proposed at the edge of the next small waterfall going down.

Totally alone apart from the fish that liked to nibble your feet.

Research and Breakthrough:

Apart from all of the above options that I had already thought about, there wasn’t anything out there that seemed to fit what I wanted. I then saw someone put a spy camera into a cheap cardboard ring box and this got me thinking… I decided to see if I could find and fit a small spy camera into an engagement ring box. It would allow me to capture my proposal, the stunning scenery and most importantly my partners reaction without her knowing.


I’m no engineer but guessed it wouldn’t be that hard to fit a spy camera into an engagement ring box, would it? Lots of broken parts, burns and several hours (months) later, I had something close to a prototype (albeit a little botched together) and it worked!
I had let a few close friends in on the big secret and how I had created my own unique way of recording our proposal and they were keen to have one for themselves. I started to wonder how many other people out there would be interested in my creation.

Engagement Ring Box:

There is no better way to find out if there is interest in something you have made then asking the great general public. Armed with my not so attractive engagement ring box I took to the streets of Bristol to ask unsuspecting shoppers their thoughts, ideas and feedback about my idea.
Having asked a few hundred people I had some concrete evidence that there was a need for my engagement ring box. It became apparent to me during my research that we spend so much time ensuring we capture everything about our wedding day (as well as every other event in our lives) but capturing the proposal itself gets forgotten about. A number of people that I spoke to said they could only remember the basics of their proposal and how nice it would be to be able to look back on the moment that changed their lives.
My creation would allow people to be able to relive the special moment in their lives and either keep it for themselves or share on social media for the world to see. It was at this moment I realised I wanted to help spread the love to millions of other couples out there and Engagement Cam was born.


My partner and I had been saving for a house to buy together but with her support we decided to put that on hold so that I could take my prototype to the next level. Along the way however there were inevitable surprise costs, which led to our initial funding being eaten up quicker than planned. I took out a loan to help bridge the gap however, this too is now disappearing.

Where we are now:

I am pleased to say that my partner said yes when I proposed nearly 2 years ago now in Erawan National Park and our adventure haven’t stopped there as we have our first child due in May 2019.

Engagement Cam has been through a few stages of development and is already helping couples to capture their unforgettable proposal moment but we want to be able to spread the love even further.

With your support we can invest in marketing & event campaigns to ensure that as many people as possible know about Engagement Cam and allow even more couples to capture their magical moments.

If you are able to donate we would be extremely grateful. Sharing our social media posts, tagging friends or partners to drop that not so subtle hint, also helps to spread our message and would be just as valuable to us.

Have some questions?

If you have any further questions that we haven’t covered please contact us on: info@engagementcam.co.uk

Thank you for any and all your support!

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