Marriage Proposals: How to propose in 5 steps

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A basic breakdown to get your proposal plans on their way

To bring together your marriage proposal ideas and plan

Below we have put together a super simple break down of 5 steps to a marriage proposal plan, every proposal is different, but this should at least give you the core elements to build upon to ensure your moment goes perfectly.

One: Ensure that they are the 'one'

A bit of a given as you wouldn’t be researching proposal ideas or tips if you weren’t in love with your partner! Although you may be ready to take that next step it is always a good idea to sound out your partner or enlist the help of a friend.
It’s fairly common for couples to talk about “getting married” before but if you’re not that type of couple maybe have a friend put out a statement/joke and gauge the reaction. A typical line could be the jokey, “So when are you two getting married then…”

Two: The one ring that rules them all

There is lots of information out there and it can be a bit daunting when you’re trying to take it all on board. You’ll hear things like certified diamonds, the 4 C’s, custom made, store bought, stone settings and styles to name just a few.

My top tip is to do some research before talking to anyone in a store or a custom designer. Most are extremely helpful and will guide you through but being armed with a little information can guard you against a few pushy Jewellers. 

Budget is key; make sure you have a set budget as it’s very easy to be up-sold or spend more than planned in the moment – speaking from experience here!

Regarding the stones; it’s always a trade-off to fit within your budget but cut is normally the one to watch as it creates that sparkle. Next up the metal! For me it was easy, I knew she didn’t like Yellow Gold for instance. Traditionally White Gold is used but Platinum and Palladium are very common nowadays too. We cover these in some more detail in other posts.

Three: The plan

5P's - Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

People tend to have lots of ideas to start with and it’s then down to choosing the perfect one for you as a couple. There are millions of ideas out there many of which I will be covering in upcoming blog posts. When putting together your plan you want to follow a few rules: Keep it simple. To many parts increases the risk of something going wrong and adds a lot more stress. Make it personal to you both. Every time I or the team hear a marriage proposal story, the ones where the partners are happiest tend to not be the biggest or the most extravagant but the one with the little touches unique to them.
Make sure you think of logistical things like:
• How are you going to get them to the location?
• Making subtle hints about image/make-up hair. They will want to look good for any pictures!
• Asking the parents.
• Can you keep the secret of your plans or do you need to move quickly? Personally, I’m so bad at telling lies, I’d have got caught out if I hadn’t made a cover story.
• Having a backup plan.

Four: The proposal

This element could be wrapped up into the plan, but I feel by taking it out it makes the whole process easier.
This is where you need to work out what really matters to both you and your partner. Whether that is making a speech, sing a song or writing it in the sky; it all comes down to what would mean the most to you both.
With the proposal, there is no one idea fits all, hopefully by now you know what your partner likes but more importantly dislikes…
Would they hate being front and centre in a crowd? Maybe don’t propose in a public area or stadium.
Would they want their friends and family around to share the moment? Maybe a family get together. Or use an Engagement Cam and the share the video afterwards!
Make them work for it and build the suspense? Perhaps a treasure hunt would work.
Head back to a favourite spot. Maybe where you went on your first date or holiday.
Above all, ask yourself….
Will they like this? Do I like this? Can I pull it off?

Five: Spreading the word

Bonus point round

Sharing the news is commonly an afterthought or left up to your partner to do. I strongly recommend putting some thoughts into a few ideas on how you are going to tell your friends and family. Most partners are still in shock when they break the news and we hear all the time that they wish they had done something better to tell their loves ones.

The little touches are what is going to make the memory extra special. Just ask yourself, what is the story going to be that she tells her friends, mum, sister, brother co-worker and even the lady in the local shop…Think of a cool way to capture the news other than the standard, “here’s a close up of their hand with the ring”. One of the coolest ways I have recently seen, was a couple who sent a crossword out to their friends to work out and uncover the news.

And there you have it; a quick whizz through of five steps to consider when planning your marriage proposal.

Key points to take away:
– Keep it personal.
– Put some thought into the plan, a little prep goes a long way.
– Think of the little things.
– Have a backup plan.

Good Luck with your marriage proposal!

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