Things you need to know while planning your marriage proposal from a Pro at planning

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5 questions with a marriage proposal planner

Proposing to your love, someone with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life, is one of the most special occasions.

In this article, I’ve noted down a conversation with Minoti from This Pampered Life  Who share the some insight into how to pull off the best marriage proposal plans.

The majority of us (me included) aren’t great at planning, we can get the main bits sorted easy enough but when it comes to remembering those little touches, we have a tendency to forget them.
Planning a proposal isn’t typically straightforward as you can’t converse with your partner to confirm details or ideas. You only get one chance at this so you want to ensure all the small details are there as they are what makes it unforgettable. .
So, if you are at a total loss with where to start or just trying to put the final touches of your plan together, we’ve got some pointers from someone who knows how to plan a marriage proposal and has been helping couples create memorable experiences for years.

Before we start with the questions,
Minoti, how is it that you came to start helping people with their marriage proposal?
This Pampered Life is all about creating everlasting memories through personalised experiences. Marriage proposals were a natural area for us to support. Proposing to your love, someone with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life, is one of the most special occasions. We make sure that the moment is yours while taking away all the stress of planning from you.

Newly engaged couple helped by this pampered life
A personal proposal location and plan bought together by This Pampered Life

When it comes to remembering those little touches, we have a tendency to forget them.

What’s the most common thing people overlook in their proposal plans?

A lot of our clients come to us with what they think their proposal should look like (more often than not ‘inspired’ by a movie) however, when we start discussing more details, we often realise that clients want something totally different to what they thought they wanted. More often than not people prefer to experience something that they will enjoy at the same time keeping it intimate and exclusive.

Are men going for small and personal or grand gestures?

Small and personal gestures in a grand way, I suppose!
It is amazing to see how our clients are really keen to explore out of the box ideas. I suppose there is no one answer to it, clients want to go all out. From proposing while sky diving to hiding the ring in a cupboard in a museum, we have all sorts!
The great thing though is that clients understand the need of getting an expert on board. It just means less hassle for them and knowing that their dream can become a reality.

How long does the planning take once you have the basic outline?

It really varies and completely depends on what our ‘Stars’ really want. We have on occasion planned and delivered the entire proposal within two weeks and sometimes it has taken us over two months.
For instance, If you are looking to get a private hire of a historic building then that may take longer than say booking a private villa somewhere!
Sometimes clients have a specific date in mind, in that case we work backwards and put together options that are doable in that time frame.
It is always an advantage to be flexible and work around the client’s requirements, right!

What’s the biggest trend you see with proposals?

People are moving away from the stereotypical and are willing to explore different venues, experiences and ideas to make this a memorable day for both.
Clients want to make it exclusive and intimate while keeping it classy.
It is important to keep in mind that this is your day so go with what you think is best for you and your partner no matter what the ‘trend’ is! You want to create a memorable experience that will be special to you.

How much does your service cost?

Our packages for couples start from £250 and can go upto £1000 plus too.
So for £250, you are looking at one of our more popular options of a personalised luxury weekend getaway in a picturesque location with us creating the perfect romantic ambience for you to pop the question.

While we are both into creating memories, you are passionate about capturing them and I in creating them.

I personally think Engagement Cam is a brilliant idea and something that I am definitely going to recommend to all my clients. To think of it, this moment is that start of such an incredible journey and capturing it, storing this moment is fantastic. I am really keen to know more…

Tap below to see how they could help you!

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