Own an Engagement Cam

The unique way to capture and cherish your proposal discreetly.

Ensure you leave yourself enough time. Postage can take up to two working days. Orders after 16:00 will be processed the next working day.


Wish to keep the Engagement Cam as a keepsake or memento? This is the option for you, your very own Engagement Cam Ring box to keep.

  • One black, Engagement Cam box, with a Mirco-USB cable for charging and accessing your footage
  • Additional postage costs for outside the UK
  • Not for commercial use without prior permission
  • Free Postage
  • Free Pro-editing
  • Keep as a memento
  • Tag us in your video to enter our competition

Video examples

Style one

Style two

Unsure if you want to buy, why not rent an Engagement Cam for a fraction of the cost.

Need to ask the team a question? Send us an email on: info@engagementcam.co.uk

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