The Engagement Cam Light-bulb moment!

How Engagement Cam came to be...

I thought I’d start with a post about something that is very true to my heart and how I ended up here sharing what I have learnt and experienced. Now it’s not an overly soppy post but like all good story’s it starts because of love, involves some action and then winning the girl at the end.

Written by someone who struggled with his proposal plans and finding the information or just tips to help him which is how  ended up here! – I am to learn from those that have gone before you to bring you the best tips and ideas to make it easier for those that are to come and still have to plan their proposal.

The want to be Alpha male

Now I’m not made of stone, but I’ve never been told I’m in touch with my feelings…This is all my own words and I felt I needed to write something from my own personal experience as I’ve been where you are now and the more stories I hear, the more reassured I feel in that yes my personal journey was unique to me but all my core concerns and issues were the same as millions of people before me and will be similar for millions after me.

The Girl, the Plan...

So, I have found the girl I knew was the one, as you’d expect i did start with some research. As I’m assuming most people do I went straight to google to ask the standard ‘how to propose’ and ‘proposal ideas’ and after many hours reading old blogs or snippets within magazines I had trashed out the basics of a plan.We had a holiday coming up, I had been saving for the trip for most of the year, so it just made sense. I had lots of ideas swimming around in my head now on so many cool ways to propose and I wanted to make our engagement something special between the two of us. I’ll cover the plan and a guide to how i did the research in some later posts but below is a basic outline on my thought process.If your partner like mine dropped a few not so subtle hints, you will likely already have an idea that firstly you should be asking but also some details on the ring they like or what they imagine it would be like and the slightly controversial question in some groups nowadays, do you ask the parents first. Putting it out there I didn’t ask but that’s because I knew my partner wouldn’t have liked me asking.Back to the plan; I did write it down to start as i was worried about missing something and being aboard on a holiday I knew it wouldn’t be as easy to arrange or fix any issues, however after about the first week the list wasn’t needed. It became like a mantra and I started feeling like Smeegol after his ring, I was saying it so often, I guess my case is a little different as I also had started the design of a prototype Engagement Cam ring box during my planning so became so self-involved in the whole process. My plan started with a to-do-list, first up was the ‘Ring’ as I knew this was going to be the hardest to get right.Next was the diversion tactics, I wanted it to be a surprise so easiest one for me was to plead being skint as I was saving for our holiday – which worked great, it turned out.Then there was my first big panic/worry, after wandering into what felt like every ring shop in Bristol, I couldn’t find what I felt was going to be the ring for her. – I ended up getting one custom made (which sounds way fancier than it was) but I got to design the ring and worked out the same cost as from a shop.Last two points were… what I wanted to say when I took a knee to propose and how would I remember it, this is where the Engagement Cam ring box idea came to me, it wasn’t a stroke of genius on my part it was really from necessity.

Good old Plato

The old proverb is: Necessity is the mother of invention.Armed with my out line of a plan, I had the location and date sorted, the ring was being sorted it was the small things to put in place… the meal after, the speech and the time after knowing she’d want to call her friends. It was more an afterthought when I thought about how we would remember it, firstly I have to admit my memory is shocking at times.Instantly when I think of proposal, I think of the videos I’ve seen on FB or youtube of those shaky videos that the unexpecting stranger took outside the Disneyland castle or someone who’s had a photographer follow them from a distance to take the photos. Which took my mind to how could I do it, set up my DSLR and buy one of those remotes to take the pictures… easy, not so much when I tested it!It’s a once in a lifetime event, I’ll pay for a photographer – This got scrapped for two reasons, 1) The location was remote. I was pretty sure my girlfriend would ID a random person following us with a camera. 2) Even with a cover story my partner would have guessed something would be planned if we had a photographer, as I’m not one to pay for stuff like that when I enjoy taking my own pictures.My goal, find a way to get a picture or video of our proposal without her guessing it was about to happen. I set to researching everything until it suddenly hit me with modifying an engagement ring box and the rest is history as they say.

Engagement Cam's Birthday

I do feel it’s become my baby, although that soon to change in 2019 as we will be having our first child. However, being totally honest the first Engagement Cam wasn’t as nice or polished looking as the ones that are made now by our Engineers. It was made with lots of love, time and even some blood but it was really just a box with holes in it. This part of my journey is where I decided to take it from a personal project into a business when I entrusted a few friends with my plan and showed the “ugly baby box” and the response is what shocked the most they all really liked it and thought people would want to do the same as me and record it.

The last big decision

The girlfriend and I aren’t one of those couples that have ‘Blurged’ , however we’ve lived together for a few years and discussed any big decisions for some time.Launching the R&D into manufacturing the Engagement Cam’s was my last big solo decision before she became my fiancé. – I’m happy to report too that she loved the idea and agreed on taking the risk to start the business too so was a double win for me getting both YES’s on the day.

How Engagement Cam came to be...

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