The light bulb moment!
The moment the proposal idea Engagement Cam came to me

The light bulb moment!

I thought I’d start with a post about something that is very true to my heart and how I ended up here sharing what I have learnt and experienced. Now it’s not an overly soppy post but like all good story’s it starts because of love, involves some action and then winning the girl at the end.

Now I’m not made of stone, but I’ve never been told I’m in touch with my feelings…

But once I found the girl I knew was the one, I did spend a lot of time planning. As I’m guessing most people do I went straight to google to ask the standard ‘how to propose’ and ‘proposal ideas’ and after many, many hours reading old blogs or snippets within magazines and the like I decided on one thing.

I was going to do it on holiday, we had been saving for the trip for most of the year, so it just made sense. I had lots of ideas swimming around in my head now on so many cool ways to propose and I wanted to make our engagement something special between the two of us.

I’m going to outline my thought process and the plan I made myself, but I’ll cover other topics in more detail in some other posts, so you can focus on what information you’re after.

If your partner like mine dropped a few not so subtle hints, you will likely already have an idea that firstly you should be asking but also some details on the ring they like or what they imagine it would be like and the slightly controversial question in some groups nowadays do you ask the parents first.

So, putting it out there I didn’t ask but that’s because I knew my partner wouldn’t have liked me asking. Back to the plan, now I did write it down to start but that’s because in the first few days it became a little bit like a mantra and I started feeling like Smeegol after his ring, which was the first thing on my list Ring > plant diversion tactics > panic couldn’t find the ring anywhere > decide to get the ring custom made (sounds more fancy that it is)

Now, another insight into my life. I like to think I’m above average with a camera, so this was my go-to plan was to capture a picture.

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